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Printed cotton

Fine, light-touch 100% cotton material, which is suitable for the production of children’s clothes and other accessories.


It reflects elegance and femininity and not only at the wedding.
Be feminine and stylish all year round!

Wedding lace

A classic lace is perfect for the big day, among which you can find pearls, sequins or a completely simple pattern, everyone will find what suits them, whether they are looking for a modern pattern or a classic pattern.

Patterned canvas

Our patterned cotton canvases have a 100% cotton composition and are available in a wide selection of patterns, which can be combined with each other as required.

Complete product families can be created when combined with other products.


The party water-repellent tablecloth materials are waterproof, so no matter what kind of accident happens, it won’t be a big problem.


Very pleasant to the touch material, which enchants both children and adults with its fluffy softness.
Also suitable for a bedspread or blanket and robe.
Due to the pattern, dogs and cats also find pleasure in it, in the form of a bed or just as a small dress.

Viscose voile

One of the most popular wears in the hot summer, which increases the feeling of comfort with its soft fall and cooling sensation.
Available in many patterns and color options.


Based on its composition and design, it is pleasant to wear as a robe and children’s clothing.
Many additional products can be made from it, from blankets and towels to toiletry bags.